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What is Dummy bar?

Dummy bar 1.png

Dummy bar is a molten steel guide that allows continuous casting at a constant speed without spilling molten steel.


Dummy bar type

Solid(Rigid) dummy bar.png

SOLID(RIGID) Dummy bar

Chain(Flexible) dummy bar.png


  • Seal the bottom of the mold with a dummy bar before casting begins and use it to pour hot molten steel inside.

  • Slowly calibrate and withdraw partially solidified steel

  • It acts as a molten steel guide to continuously cast molten steel at a constant speed without spilling it.

  • When a certain amount of billets have been reached, the billet is disconnected from the dummy bar and continuous casting extraction begins.

  • Keep in storage until the next readjustment

  • In order to avoid the deformation of the dummy bar body by heating, the cooling water pipe is provided inside to reduce the deformation and increase the service life.

  • If the billet is disconnected after creation, the dummy bar is kept up

  • Needs a lot of space and is suitable for large plants

  • Simple structure, durable and long life

  • If the billet is disconnected after creation, the dummy bar is stored sideways

  • Low space and suitable for small plants

  •  Easy to maintain


Dummy bar Design Considerations

What type of dummy bar to use

It can be chosen whether to use solid type or chain type according to the site conditions.

Where is the center of curvature radius of the dummy bar 

The radius of curvature of the dummy bar should be coincident with the center of the MOULD so that the BILLET exiting the MOULD can be extracted flexibly.

What is the desired capacity

The size and design of the dummy bar is necessary in consideration of how much capacity the billet is to be produced, the width and length of the billet, and the site conditions. 

Did you consider compatibility

Dummy bar is single replaceable due to heat, dust, mechanical stress and accidental breakage. SPARE can be placed so that the flow of process can be continued during replacement.If these dummy bars are not standardized and each precision has a precision according to the front and rear positions, it cannot be assembled. It is important to be compatible with the dummy bars for one line so that 

Which position sensing sensor to apply

Dummy bar is single replaceable due to heat, dust, mechanical stress and accidental breakage. SPARE can be placed so that the flow of process can be continued during replacement.If these dummy bars are not standardized and each precision has a precision according to the front and rear positions, it cannot be assembled. It is important to be compatible with the dummy bars for one line so that 
Reading the process flow and detecting its location to create a safe process is also a key technology of the dummy bar. Sensors can be used to regulate the start of the process and to accurately and reliably detect the position on the casting line to continue the continuous casting process. The magnetic field sensor is more reliable because it withstands higher temperatures than the optical sensor, and has the advantage of having a longer switching distance than the inductive sensor.



Dummy bar 16.png

※ Detailed specification of Dummy bar can be adjusted according to customer's requirement


Continuous casting

Continuous casting.png

It is a method of making the material (Ingot) long by continuously injecting and solidifying molten steel into the mold. In general casting, several ingots of 2-3m length are processed and fired. However, in continuous casting, several tens of meters are poured by continuously pouring from the top of the water-cooled mold, removing the bottom of the mold, and continuously drawing the ingot down. You can make a long ingot up to. Conventional methods solidify after the molten metal injected into the mold is filled into the mold and solidify, but in continuous casting, the bottom is solid and the top is molten metal and hardens as it goes down. Gases and oxide residues in the molten metal released during solidification always float above the molten metal area, making it possible to make long ingots without bubbles, which is advantageous for mass production and also improves quality.


Manufacturing Solution by Samshin

Site sketch and Drawing design

Design by sketching the actual item used in the field. Consideration should be given to the deformation caused by the use of existing products, and improvements such as problems in use shall be reflected in the design. 

Dummy bar 2.png


HEAD adopts forging process and BODY uses cutting steel plate In the production of Dummy bar.
Samshin presents the following management solutions in production.


Dummy bar 3.png

Welding improvement

Stress relief

Precision machining

Dummy bar 4.png
Dummy bar 5.png
Dummy bar 6.png

● AR-Plate: The dummy bar is made of more than 40T wear-resistant steel material (AR400), so the cutting surface

                    is uneven during normal gas and laser cutting.

● Welding improvement: Since thick materials are not internally welded, remedial work is performed to ensure a

                                         tight bond.
● Stress relief: Residual stress reduction technology (VSR) is introduced to reduce the partially operated residual stress

                        and improve quality and life. 
● Precision Machining: The ultra-precise machining is performed with the latest machinery, and the error range is ± 0


When dummy bar is built, quality control inspections are performed. Samshin offers the following management solutions on examination. 

Curvture radius check

Dimensional Measurement


Inspection report

Dummy bar 7.png
Dummy bar 8.png
Dummy bar 9.png
Dummy bar 10.jpg

● Curvature radius inspection: Check the curvature radius by making jig for self gauge.  
● Dimensional Measurement: Check the drawing dimensions and check the overall dimensions.  
● Assembly: In order to comply with GAP 3.5mm of mould and water jacket housing, GAP check is required by making

   its own gauge.  
● Issuance of Inspection Report: Material Sheet, Dimensional Inspection Report, Visual Inspection Report, etc.                                                                       Issue the required inspection report. 

Painting and Packaging

Just as important as making a product is to clean the finished product, package it well, and deliver it to the customer. Samshin offers the following management solutions for the painting and packaging process. 


Dummy bar 11.png

Anticorrosive coating

Skid for transport

Dummy bar 12.png
Dummy bar 13.jpg

Heat treatment result

Dummy bar 14.png

● Painting: Use SHOT BLAST to remove foreign substances on the surface and perform top coat work.
● Anticorrosive coating: The precision processing assembly parts that are not painted are coated with anti-rust oil to

                                       prevent rust.
● Skid for transport: Because the curved dummy bar is not easy to handle, it maintains the shape and manufactures skid

                                 to bear the weight of the product so that the product is not impacted from the outside. It also

                                 transports containers to prevent moisture, theft and impact.  
● Wood Heat Treatment Result: Heat-treated wood is used for rapid passage to agricultural and livestock quarantine. 


In order to make the most of the right product, it is important to install it properly. Depending on how the product is installed on site, it is the first step in extending the life of the equipment and reducing downtime due to maintenance. Samshin offers the following management solutions during the installation process: 


Field Engineer

If the manufacturer's technician installs it by hand, he can quickly determine what to look for and what errors. It can also provide equipment maintenance information to field maintenance workers. Many errors can be reduced if field technicians identify and supervise installation work.


Why should you choose Samshin?

From design to manufacturing

We have many experts in each field, and can guide you through all stages from product design to production management

Perfect collaboration system

We provide a complete system through cooperation with various specialized companies for a long time. We are growing together with our partners through quality improvement support based on mutual trust. It is possible not only to provide a single item but also to supply equipment to the manufacturing process.

Continuous technology development

We will continuously develop technology with company-affiliated research institute and launch new products using high value-added products and core technologies. In addition, it holds numerous industrial machinery patents through continuous and creative research and development.

Quality is the best value

Our unlimited enthusiasm for quality control from production management to delivery date and our unwavering commitment to satisfy our customers' needs by developing differentiated new products through international certification acquisition and capacity building

Customer satisfaction 

Through product development, zero defect production, perfect quality control and customer support system through own technology, AS repair can be done until customer is satisfied. It is possible to repair the product even though it is not a product of Samshin.

Vietnam corporation

In February 2016, SamShin of Vietnam was launched, and in March 2019, Vietnam plant was built. A total of 30 employees, including two Korean executives and a local engineer, are stationed in Vietnam's manufacturing plants.

​Pictures of Vietnam Samshin


Delivery Performance of Dummy bar

Dummy bar Manufacturing

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