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Waste Water & Reclamation Treatment Facilities


​Waste water reclamation facility is a facility that does not discharge waste water at the discharge level and reuses waste water as industrial water by improving the quality of treated water by using various facilities suitable for the characteristics of treated water, such as membrane separation devices, which can solve the problem of insufficient industrial water.

Flow Diagram(Waster Water Reclamation Treatment)


Our Solutions

Activated Carbon Filter

activated carbon filter.png

Technical Features


  • Effective removing of various organic substances, taste, smell, color, residual chlorine contained in the water through absorption and filtration of activated carbon.

  • Easy operation management with automatic operation configuration

  • Impossible to remove dissolved minerals and there is a possibility of microbial growth.

  • Food & beverage

  • Medicine process

  • Pre-treatment for demi.system

  • Swimming pools

Safety Filter

safety filter.jpg

Technical Features


  • Safety filter is a Micro filter that removes particles in the range of 1 to 100 μm. It is widely applied as a pre-treatment facility of R/O unit and has various types and materials of filter, and among them, cartridge filter of String wound type is the most frequently applied.

  • Pre-treatment for R/O system

  • Food & beverageprocess

  • Cosmetics, pharmaceutical processes

  • Pre-treatment for demi.system

Reverse Osmosis Unit


Technical Features


  • Membrane separation process to separate and remove low molecular weight organic matter and dissolved salts within 0.001μm in size.

  • The Membrane module type includes plate & frame type, tubular type, hollow fiber type, and spiral-wound type for use in accordance with the conditions of the treated raw water

  • Membrane materials to be selected in consideration of the chemical composition, temperature conditions, pH, etc. of the raw water and module type to be selected in consideration of the solid concentration, viscosity, and pressure loss of the raw water.

  • Seawater desalination

  • Raw water treatment & waste water reuse

Sludge Scraper

Sludge Scraper.png

Technical Features


  • Device to scrape and deposit sludge deposited on the floor by installing it at the bottom of a sedimentation basin or sludge thickener.

  • Two types of scraper : rotary type and rectangle type

  • Waste water treatment facility

  • Sewage disposal facility

Safety Filter
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