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The process for fertilizer production is generally carried out by pelletizing and drying the organic material by mixing and fermenting.

  • Fermentation

        Fermentation of organic materials is the first step in the fertilizer production process, mix the compost in a mixer to speed

        up the fermentation rate.

  • Crushing and mixing

        After the crushing process, the ingredients are added according to the recipe  and mixed and aged.
        If the compost is well fermented and there is no lumps, the grinding process is skipped, and if pure organic fertilizer is

        used, the mixing process can be omitted.

  • Granule

        The fertilizer is usually granulated using a pen pelletizer.

  • ​Dry

        To keep it in pellet form, drying to a humidity of 14% or less by the kiln

  • Cooling

        Cooling the pellet in the cooler to increase the hardness of the pellet.

  • Selection

        The pellets of the desired size are selected, and the large and small pellets are again grinded and granulated

  • ​Coating and Packaging

        It is coated and wrapped to prevent impurity particle adhesion.

​※Dust generated in all processes is collected in principle

Flow Diagram

1. The fermented organic material is pulverized by a crusher. (If the particles are fine, the pulverization can be omitted)

2. The ingredients according to the recipe are added and mixed and fermented through the mixer.

3. The mixture is pelletized through a pelletizer.

4. The pellets are dried in a kiln to remove moisture and cool through the cooler.

5. The generated dust and vaporized gas are collected by a dust collecting facilities.

6. The pellets of the desired size are filtered through a screen, and the other large and small pellets are pulverized and pelletized until they

    become pellets of the desired size.

7. Pellets of the desired size are became to fertilizer after coating

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